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  1. Thursday csi

    02/10/07 11:41:27 | 0 Comments

    Well they blew my theory to shreds on who Keppler was. Never expected what happened. I'm glad he saved Katherine though. I wonder if Kat will leave the show for a short sabbitacal (sp)? You know spend time with abby, etc. She fell hard for Keppler in a short time frame.
    I think the story line between Gil and Sarah is going to heat up a little more since Gil discovered he missed her. But don't they even talk after work?? How could she not know when he was due back. Her cell should...
  2. opening post

    01/27/07 01:53:00 | 0 Comments

    My true blog is on MySpace, I want to use this blog as spot to write out my theory as what is going on in the show. The second episode with Keppler at the end, he tells Katherine that it helps him to think like the killer. This is the response to Kat asking him "you know your speaking in first person"
    There were other clues in the first episode also that I don't remember off hand. I think that Keppler is the serial killer who found out Gil was gone, and wanted to get in closer...